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Elevators Maintenance

Elevators maintenance

The maintenance of our elevators at Emar United Elevators is of great importance and must be based on trust because it is a long-term relationship, because the real relationship between us and the customer in the field of elevators begins after installation.

This is done through a team of cadres trained in maintenance at the highest level, where they are given training courses periodically to familiarize themselves with the latest elevator technology in the world, and sometimes some are sent to Italy for training at the manufacturer on the maintenance of the latest elevators and familiarization with the components of the elevator and how to manufacture.

The journey between Emar United elevators and the customer begins from the first moment of receiving the request and the planning and design process of the elevator through the installation of the elevator to the after-sales stage and providing the elevator maintenance service at the highest level of quality.

We also provide emergency service at Emar United elevators 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quick response to customers, as well as regular elevator maintenance service.

At Emar United elevators, we give a guarantee on installation and regular maintenance for more than 10 years, because regular maintenance of elevators is what guarantees the safety of all elevator spare parts and detecting malfunctions before they occur and worsen, because all parts of the elevator are affected by high heat and constant friction, as well as to prolong the life of the elevator and maintain.

Regular Maintenance Of The Elevator

  • Comprehensive maintenance of moving elevator doors with cleaning of the cab back and well
  • Maintenance of the engine above and below the well, as well as traction ropes and adjusting control devices
  • Maintenance and oil change of both traction and gear sets, movement guides and ballast guides
  • Maintenance of operating tables and control panel and cleaning of the machine room and the table
  • Maintenance of operation and control panels
  • Maintenance of the speed cleaner, cut-off protection devices, maintenance and lubrication of the Bolt device
  • Ensure that the air conditioners work in the cabin room
  • Check the braking device and make sure that it is working perfectly
  • Change all damaged statement bulbs, button bulbs and lighting loaded on the maintenance contract
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