Emar elevators

Emar Elevators

Emar Elevators

Elevators are of great importance to humans in terms of comfort and safety, especially in high buildings that need great effort to climb the stairs

It is worth mentioning that the idea of the invention of the elevator began thousands of years ago, where it worked depending on the human element until the middle of the nineteenth century AD, then elevators developed and became powered by water and steam, and the journey of developing elevators continued to our time to save human time and provide comfort and safety for him

Personal Elevators

Personal elevators or People elevators have become of great importance and necessity in our modern era, especially with the vertical expansion, whether in residential, administrative, or commercial buildings, where Personal elevators facilitate the transition between floors and save a lot of time and effort, as well as the presence of an elevator in the building raises its commercial value, as for the dimensions required for the design of

– The actual distance between each floor and another
Density of users of elevators
Number of entrances and exits
– Expected load size
– Required speed

Home Elevators

Certainly that the home elevator plays an important role in our daily life, where moving between the floors of the house or villa is essential and necessary, especially when there are elderly people, God save them and the sick, and God heal them, as the elevators of villas or home elevators must-have comfort, safety and an attractive aesthetic view, the home elevator is not only a means of transportation, but

For this reason, we at Emar United elevators are primarily concerned with quality and safety and that our products are environmentally friendly. it is worth mentioning that Emar United elevators is the sole and exclusive agent of UCI Italian company, which pursues the highest levels of quality and safety at all stages of manufacturing

Cargo Elevators

Cargo Elevators is a heavy-duty material lift that is designed to transport various production materials, machines, vehicles, pallets, or forklifts between different floors, suit for commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, factory plants, industrial spaces, retail stores, racking systems, restaurants, mezzanines, and shopping centers.

Cargo Elevators capacity could be from 1 ton to 50 tons
Commercial and industrial applications
Standard Max. 2000kgs loading capacity
Upper and lower landing limits
Upper safety limit
24V DC safety control circuit

Hydraulic pump Food Elevators

Food Elevators is a small freight elevator that is used to carry food or dirt dishes for restaurants or some other lightweight sundries for home use or luggage carrying at hotels. As a hidden and compact device, the Food Elevators of Emar are widely used in kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, missions, offices, and private homes

Wheelchair Elevators

Emar Elevator offers a range of wheelchair Elevator solutions for both home and commercial spaces including vertical wheelchair Elevators and inclined platform Elevators for stairs.

Create an accessible solution in the home or commercial applications and provide convenient access up and down one or more levels. Our platform wheelchair Elevators and wheelchair stair Elevators can be installed in an existing or new structure to move a wheelchair up and down flights

Hospital Elevators

Hospital elevators are one of the most important types of elevators, due to the role they play from transporting patients inside the hospital, moving between rooms, special care and operating rooms, God forbid, not mentioning that these transfers must and must have this element of comfort and safety, as well as transporting visitors inside the hospital

Therefore, when designing hospital elevators inside Emar United elevators, efficiency must be taken into account, and elevators must include the latest technological technologies for elevators, all security and safety measures must be taken into account against Fire and succession, and pass the highest safety and quality tests, and the elevator contains sound signals to alert when the number of passengers exceeds the maximum, and the elevator and its components must be subject to periodic sterilization and cleaning

Hydraulic elevators

Hydraulic elevators from Emar United elevators are a different type from ordinary elevators, as they are relied on in places where there is no engine room, where hydraulic elevators work through a hydraulic device or a hydraulic pump to move the elevator through the force resulting from the pressure on the liquid inside the cylinder in the pump, which contains dedicated oils, so its components are A liquid tank, a pump powered by an electric motor, a pipe between the tank and the cylinder or a so-called Valve

Hydraulic elevators can be used in automobile factories, shopping malls, construction machinery and other places where heavy objects need to be moved

Panorama Elevators

Panorama elevators from Emar United elevators are elevators that are distinguished and based on the elegance of appearance and distinctive view, so that the elevator user can enjoy seeing what surrounds him from the outside, so when designing it does not rely much on mechanical parts, as the cabin is built entirely of transparent or colored glass and the elevator moves in a cylindrical tube vertically, it is not a means of Transportation.

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