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Elevator cabins are one of the most important components of the elevator, which is of great importance in terms of design and appearance, and because elevator cabins are the visible part of the elevator, which adds to the place its own decoration and aesthetic view of the place, so at Emar United elevators, attention is paid to the continuous development of elevator cabins to suit all decorations and tastes.

Stainless Cabins

Stainless cabins are widely used in the interior decoration of cabins and because they give an aesthetic view that is easy to control, stainless elevator cabins are characterized by being able to withstand shocks and high temperatures.

– The design of the walls is based on stained glass
– Stainless steel interior accessories
– Longitudinal mirror
– Natural granite cabin floor
– The cabin ceiling is decorated; laser engraved and opens from the inside
– Four stainless steel handles

Panorama cabins

Panorama cabins from Emar United elevators are the most widely used types of elevator cabins in commercial malls, companies and public places, and flat reinforced glass is used in the design of this type of cabins with multiple shapes and loads in addition to it can be mixed with stainless and wood in a certain decorative design.

Log cabins

Wood cabins are considered one of the most widely used types of modern elevator cabins, because these types of elevator cabins combine luxury, sophistication, modernity and heritage. Wood cabins are drilled by a “router” device and oak wood is used with it, which is a type of wood characterized by good thickness and different from other types of wood, it is also resistant to water and scratching.

Stainless steel cabins
with wood

This type of cabin is considered more beautiful and sophisticated, it is considered unconventional and is used more in public and official places, and the design of this type of cabin is based on the wooden combination inlaid with stainless steel anti-rust panels.

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