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Chairman's Speech

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and in order to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future.

Yesterday we had our beginnings, but today we have a variety of commercial and industrial activities, based on solid foundations applying the latest management systems, looking forward to expanding locally at all levels, System, Management and deployment, bearing in mind the values and principles on which we grew up and which were established by our great family (the family of Ahmed Sadiq Masoudi foundation ) with each of its members, and our vision of success is related to measuring the satisfaction of our customers and meeting their aspirations and needs. We are still striving to improve our performance and find the best, and looking for new opportunities to increase our activities inside the kingdom, so I pray to God Almighty that the Ahmed Sadiq Masoudi Foundation will continue its March and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and promote development for our children and our future society


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Our team

Our services

We are proud of what we provide
from the quality of elevators in the Saudi and Gulf markets

Our process

The journey between Emar United elevators and the customer begins from the first moment of receiving the request, where the planning and design process of the elevator begins, then the installation of the elevator to the post-installation stage, and providing regular maintenance service for the elevator at the highest level of quality

Elevators Services

The real relationship between us and the customer in the field of elevators begins after installation because it is the one that shows the value of the organization and how much the customer trusts it, and this is done through a team of cadres trained in maintenance at the highest level

Our Dream

Creating new solutions in the field of elevators to reduce time and effort, as modern elevators are one of the most important innovations developed in the field of Mechanical Engineering

The quality of Emaar elevators

Quality Standards
at Emar Elevators

Security and safety in elevators is a top priority, and at Emar United elevators we adhere to strict standards in accordance with European and Saudi standards to ensure the safety of users. We are also seriously working on improving and developing elevator systems

Why Emaar Elevators?

Six Reasons for People Choosing Us

Quality Material

We make sure to use high-quality materials and parts


Emar United Elevators is an agent for the largest Italian elevator companies in Europe and the Gulf

Trained Workers

We have a team of staff trained in the installation and maintenance of elevators at the highest level, where they are periodically given training courses to familiarize themselves with the latest elevator technology in the world

Time Availability

At Emar, we are keen to save time for the customers and finish the work as soon as possible

Quick Response

At Emar United Elevators, we are distinguished by our quick response and responsiveness to customers

Emar Warranty

An Emar warranty on the installation of up to more than 10 years in addition to a one-year warranty on maintenance

People Say the Nicest Things

Elevators are our expertise, innovation is our passion, and trust is our goal



Honestly, and through my experience with them, God willing, their prices are very competitive, and their maintenance team is very excellent in terms of speed of response, completion, and good dealing
God bless you

Pamela Duncan


Honestly, and through my experience with them, God willing, their prices are very competitive, and their maintenance team is very excellent in terms of speed of response, completion, and good dealing

Steve Tailor


Honestly, their prices destroyed the market

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