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Our Projects

Over the past 12 years, we have implemented many large projects in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, including cooperation with government agencies, educational, health, commercial and private residential buildings.

We have made great strides in scientific research and development in the field of elevators to provide an easier and simpler life, shorten time, save effort and seize opportunities in a faster and smarter world.

Armed forces Hospital in Medina

Emar United Foundation for elevators established the Prince Sultan hospital for the armed forces in Medina, where the hospital was established in 1420 ah and its capacity reached more than (100) beds .

Al Manar Mall in Medina

Emar United Elevator Corporation has established Al Manar Mall elevators in Medina, and the mall contains hundreds of shops and serves thousands of citizens daily in Medina.

Civil status elevators in Medina

Emar United Elevator Corporation has established elevators for civil status buildings in Medina, and civil status buildings serve thousands of citizens in Medina every day.

Our Projects
Outside The kingdom

Hilton Hotel in Algiers

The Hilton hotel chain is one of the most famous hotel chains around the world and the hotel serves thousands of citizens and tourists in Algeria daily.

Ministry of housing of Algiers

Emar United elevators Foundation has established the Ministry of housing elevators in Algiers, and the Ministry of housing serves thousands of Algerian citizens daily.

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