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Emar history

Emar United elevators are one of the leading institutions in the field of installation and maintenance of elevators in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we have experience for more than 12 years in the field of elevators. We are distinguished in Emar United elevators by providing smart solutions for many different businesses using the latest elevator technology and achieving the highest levels of safety and quality. We are proud that we have been success partners for many government and private entities.

Our vision

We fully know that the real relationship between the organization and the customer in the field of elevators begins after the installation of the elevator, and this relationship and the real assessment appear during the warranty period and periodic maintenance of the elevator,

It is a long-term relationship, so we are keen at Emar United elevators to build bridges of trust with customers by providing work, whether installing elevators or maintaining elevators with the highest levels of safety and quality, developing our teams, training on the latest elevator technology, adapting elevators to sustainable architecture and reducing energy use according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Our dream

Our dream within Emar United elevators is to create new solutions in the field of elevators to reduce time and effort, as modern elevators are one of the most important innovations developed in the field of mechanical engineering, as these elevators provide the highest levels of safety, comfort and luxury for users.

Modern elevators are one of the most important infrastructure elements in modern buildings characterized by modern and beautiful design.

We also seek to support the vision of the kingdom in the development of sustainable architecture, and to place Emar United Elevator Corporation at the top of elevator companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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